Quiet Expression of Love – Love Drives Out Hate- Day 21

There are people with money who use their money to help others. Read this heartwarming story about Mike Ilitch. Little Caesars Pizza founder, and the many people he helped, including Rosa Parks, a giant of love, community and inclusion herself


Love Drives Out Hate

What is Love – Love Drives out Hate – Day 20

What is love but the feeling of oneness which allows us to put another’s needs and interests on par with our own – from the love between individuals to the love that encompasses the world.


Companions, oil on canvas on plywood, by Judith Shaw

Loves Drives Out Hate

oops – missed a couple of days due to allergies which knocked me out.

Cherokee Wisdom – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 19

I saw this image on a post by blogger Tricia Barker, about the importance of maintaining a loving attitude, even when hate swirls around us all.  This image really highlights the way a culture’s worldview about men and women can create an environment of  love and mutual support.

You might want to check it out here.cherokeeLove Drives Out Hate

The Lotus – Symbol of Purity – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 18

The lotus – Buddhist symbol – from the mud, the slime, yes even the swamp, this most beautiful of flowers rises tall above the mud., shining bright with purity and love.  And we too shall emerge from the swamp of hate swirling around us daily.

Lotus Mandala 2, painting by Judith Shaw

Lotus Mandala 2, oil on canvas, by Judith Shaw

Love Drives Out Hate.

Moon Light, Moon Bright – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 17

A new piece- Moon Light, Moon Bright –  Earth meets Sky in cosmic oneness.

moon-light-moon-bright-painting-by-judith-shawLove Drives Out Hate

Je Suis – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 16

Kudos to the city of Vaudreuil-Dorion in Quebec for implementing an innovative cultural mediation project which brings disparate communities together through community art.  Check it out here.  Persist!

je-suis-quebec-art-of-inclusionLove Drives Out Hate

Sex in the Sea – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 15

I heard a great interview on the radio this morning with the author of a recently published book called, Sex in the Sea: Our Intimate Connection with Sex-Changing Fish, Romantic Lobsters, Kinky Squid, and Other Salty Erotica of the Deep. by Marine Biologist, Marah J Hardt.  It is a fascinating look at the connection between the sex lives of marine animals and sustainable oceans.

So my image of the day honors the love between sea creatures.  After all life began in the sea.

seahorse love

Love Drives Out Hate