Bee, Bee, Sweet Honey Bee

I’m sad that I lost my hive over the winter. I think it was partially my fault as life has gotten way too busy and I did not have time to manage and maintain my hive properly last year. So now I have to satisfy my love of bees with all the neighbors’ bees who are foraging in my garden.  Here’s a painting I did in 2012 when I first started keeping bees.

“Attributes that are very important to consider when Bee appears to guide you are Hard Work/Productivity and Community. Bee speaks of focused energy. Hear Bee’s call to keep everything in order and everything will fall into place. ”

These words are from my recent post on FAR in which I share my Sweet Honey Bee Animal Guide card and symbolism.  I just realized that since bees came into my life I have been working very hard with a long-term objective in mind.

Bees have been part of the human community since the days of prehistory. Cave paintings created by Neolithic people in Spain from between 6000 and 8000 BC show them gathering honey from wild bee colonies.

The earliest record of beekeeping in human-made hives dates back to Egypt of 2400 BC.

egyptian bee keeper

The Egyptian Bee Keeper

Bees themselves have been around for even longer than their association with humans. The oldest bee fossil was found in Myanmar enclosed in amber. It is 100 million years old.

Worldwide, Bee is a symbol of good luck, abundance, hard work and community. The ancients believed that the bees’ ability to make honey was a gift from the divine. Bees who give us their sweet honey –  used for food, drink and medicine – are found in myth and story all around the world.

Read more about bees – their symbolism and their life on my recent post.

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