My vision is to create paintings and drawings which illuminate the dark mystery of the one source and inspire and open people’s hearts to the beauty which surrounds us all.

I make art, dance with abandon and experience the world through travel and study.

From a college paper on Beauty and the Beast to a much later series of paintings on Beauty and the Beast

From a student painting of circles to my current fascination with the interlocking circles of sacred geometry…

From reading When God Was A Woman in the early 70’s to my ongoing visual exploration of the role of the Goddess in our modern world…

From my very first oil painting of a tree to my most current painting, World Tree— I still see the early influences of Jackson Pollack’s abandon, and Van Gogh’s emotionality, as well as my studies of myth and world culture at the University of New Orleans.

After New Orleans, I went to Mexico and soaked in that culture’s bright colors and folk art before returning to school at the San Francisco Art Institute, who boasts association with world-class artists like Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still.

When I graduated with my BFA, I moved to the Greek island of Lesbos where, immersed in the  beauty of the island, I painted for two years before my earlier studies of the ancient world appeared in my work as small figures of the Goddess.

I returned to San Francisco and found the Goddess becoming a consistent theme—for ten years—alongside the influences of Marija Gimbutas, an archeologist who uncovered art from the Goddess worshipping civilizations along the Black Sea, circa 6000 BC.

In 2001 I returned from a trip to China to my current home of New Mexico and found strong geometric marks appearing in my paintings. Later I discovered these were the same patterns found in sacred geometry.

Like the small acorn that becomes a mighty oak tree, the quiet voice of my intuition continues to plant seeds of inspiration, as I watch, amazed at how life unfolds in a synchronistic flow of study, travel, and painting.

Judith at the Tijeras Open Air Market As an artist I take these words of Schumann to heart. “To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts- such is the duty of the artist.”

6 responses to “About

  1. Jude,

    I went to your website to see about contributing and found out that the deadline has passed. When I received your initial request, i was in the middle of a lot of deadlines, etc., and then I lost track. Is it too late to send something? I can pitch in $100.

    Your website and work are wonderful, of course.

    Love always,

  2. Christy Garner

    I am interested in your tree of life painting. Would it be possible to have you paint it a custom size for our home? Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with the world. You truly inspire me. Christy

  3. Thanks for the follow Jude. Best wishes for your creative life! Anne

  4. Hi Jude,, Your Tree of Life painting was posted on a friend’s website and I recognized your name. I’m Victoria, Ellie’s old friend — the astrologer. Wonderful to see your gorgeous paintings again and to see how they have evolved. These days I also do a lot of painting. Sending you all blessings, Victoria

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