Only Love Conquers Hate – Post 25

Love Drives Out Hate

No need to say more – check out more inspirational quotes on Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s site

Radiant Otherworld – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 24

I published an article on the Feminism and Religion Blog a few weeks ago which explores various concept of the afterlife in the Celtic worldview.  The island Otherworlds speak to me deeply of peace, love and community.   Here  you can see my expression of an Island Otherworld.

celtic-otherworld- painting-by-judith-shaw

Love Drives Out Hate

The Otherworld was a place where humans were given sacred gifts. These gifts allowed the visitor to bring back a higher state of consciousness to the everyday world of humans.

Unlike the underground sidhe’s and the Welsh caers where the deities acted much like humans with power struggles and strife, the island Otherworlds were places of peace, happiness and eternal life.  Here the Goddesses and Gods lived without the pains and struggles of earthly existence. These places emanated the radiant light of eternity.

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Gardens Create Community as Love Drives Out Hate – Day 23

Creating a community garden is a great way to bring neighbors together.  Not only can you get to know folks you might not know, you also connect with Mother Earth.  And the extra bonus – great, fresh veggies!

Check out this post on how to start one in your neighborhood.

start-a-community-gardenLove Drives Out Hate

Goddess Dreaming – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 22

I’ve missed a few days of posting these images and feel the lack of that focus on love and positivity.  So I’m back on the horse again with a painting of mine from a few years ago which gives me a peaceful feeling – Goddess Dreaming.

goddess-dreaming-painting-by-judith-shawLove Drives Out Hate

Quiet Expression of Love – Love Drives Out Hate- Day 21

There are people with money who use their money to help others. Read this heartwarming story about Mike Ilitch. Little Caesars Pizza founder, and the many people he helped, including Rosa Parks, a giant of love, community and inclusion herself


Love Drives Out Hate

What is Love – Love Drives out Hate – Day 20

What is love but the feeling of oneness which allows us to put another’s needs and interests on par with our own – from the love between individuals to the love that encompasses the world.


Companions, oil on canvas on plywood, by Judith Shaw

Loves Drives Out Hate

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Cherokee Wisdom – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 19

I saw this image on a post by blogger Tricia Barker, about the importance of maintaining a loving attitude, even when hate swirls around us all.  This image really highlights the way a culture’s worldview about men and women can create an environment of  love and mutual support.

You might want to check it out here.cherokeeLove Drives Out Hate