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The Mysterious Art of Painting and the Tree of Life

Sometimes I  wonder how the paintings I paint finally emerge into the world.  It’s a back and a forth, a finding and a losing; ultimately there’s an image that remains. Later I ask myself  “Where did that come from?”  At … Continue reading

In the One is the Many – Celtic Triplicities

In my recent blog post on the Feminism and Religion blog I explored the concept of Triple Goddess and the sacred nature of three to the ancient Celts. Many neopagans and modern Goddess worshipers mistakenly equate the triadic nature of … Continue reading

The Bee Goddess Calls

The Bee Goddess is calling me.  She’s been calling me for a few years and now I’ve finally decided to listen.  I’m off a a new journey with Her as my companion.  This journey keeps me close to home as … Continue reading

The Mayan World Whispers Secrets to Our Modern World

Back home now, my time in Mexico continues to resonate in the chambers of my heart.  Three separate but connected chords spiral through my experience there, the ancient Mayan past, the Spanish Colonial past and the present day mix of … Continue reading

The Seed of Life

In recent years I have become fascinated with sacred geometry. It all began after I participated in a Feng Shui pilgrimage in China. We visited many amazing sites including lots of Buddhist temples. At the time I was aware of … Continue reading