Radiant Otherworld – Love Drives Out Hate – Day 24

I published an article on the Feminism and Religion Blog a few weeks ago which explores various concept of the afterlife in the Celtic worldview.  The island Otherworlds speak to me deeply of peace, love and community.   Here  you can see my expression of an Island Otherworld.

celtic-otherworld- painting-by-judith-shaw

Love Drives Out Hate

The Otherworld was a place where humans were given sacred gifts. These gifts allowed the visitor to bring back a higher state of consciousness to the everyday world of humans.

Unlike the underground sidhe’s and the Welsh caers where the deities acted much like humans with power struggles and strife, the island Otherworlds were places of peace, happiness and eternal life.  Here the Goddesses and Gods lived without the pains and struggles of earthly existence. These places emanated the radiant light of eternity.

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