A Goddess for Winter Nights – The Reindeer Goddess

The Reindeer Goddess warms us on long winter nights. She cries at our pain and Reindeer Goddess painting by Judith Shawsuffering, transforming her teardrops into  amber. She takes to the sky flinging those bits of amber  down, gifting us with glowing abundance and warmth.

Sometimes She is embodied as a woman, sometimes as a reindeer.  How did She become a Goddess? She doesn’t know. She only knows that she has always been one. Every year, on the longest night, She flies across the sky bringing light and love to the people below.

Look closely. Maybe you can still see the trail she left behind on her flight last month. Feel deeply. Her tears of amber soothe our pains and ease our fears.

Read more about the Reindeer Goddess in various lands on my recent post over at the Feminism and Religion blog.


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