Long Have Women Loved

Long have women loved.  Long have women loved their children, loved their men, loved their community, loved their land. This capacity for love created homes, created agriculture, created culture.  This capacity for love gave us great sovereignty, over our personal lives and the lives of our communities.

Over the past 5,000 years our sovereignty has been turned, slowly but surely, turned into dependency.  But women did not go willing to this state.  It was facilitated by violence and oppression. That violence, violence of centuries, violence of eons, suppressed the power of love and turned it into dependency.

Yet the seasons continue turning and the world changes once again.

Woman Flying, painting by Judith Shaw
Now in our modern times we are a nation of women, a nation of women rising, flinging off the chains of male dominance. We fly free.  Though still we suffer, at times all alone in a world ruled by men, we claim our power and we fly free.


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