Love – Only for the Young?

Red Moon - Blue Sea, painting by Judith ShawAs summer comes to an end, I find myself remembering a summer of many years past – The summer of the waning crescent moon dropping red into the sea as we drove the shores of the Aegean at 3am heading home after an evening of food, drink, dancing and conversation.

United by love, drawing by Judith Shaw

United by Love, oil pastel on paper, 9.5″x12.5″, by Judith Shaw

White the beach, black the sea, deep blue the sky – bands of color running along side us – the air caressed us both with its soft, moist breath.  It was a summer of love, a love I’d never known before.  It was love at first sight and yet we danced slowly into each others arms. It was an impossible love as we came from worlds far, far apart, both in distance and in cultural expectations. And yet we fell into the depths of that love, coming together for one extraordinary summer of intense communication, both spiritual and physical.

That summer ended and I had to return to my own land.  We planned, we hoped, we expected to be together again soon.  But that was not to be as the vast, vast distances of culture whipped up freezing winds to chill the hearts and break the bond. When finally I was able to return to his land it was a return to heartbreak.  Our love was true.   Our love was deep.  But sadly love is not always enough to turn the passion of first love into the enduring love of companionship.

Now, nearing the end of the autumn of my life, I wonder about love.  Are such experiences only for the young?  Can love warm a cold heart again?

Union, painting by Judith Shaw

Union, oil on canvas, 49″x40″ by Judith Shaw





4 responses to “Love – Only for the Young?

  1. I think about this as I work on a novel about being 23 and exploring the world and relationships. The intensity and urgency of love in those years was different. I still feel as deeply, but it doesn’t feel urgent and it doesn’t feel necessary for survival.
    Is that all biology? Not to diminish the awesomeness of biology – the chemical communication of hormones subtle movements steering our course… But it did once feel like the soul was involved, and the world needed our love.

    • Patrise your novel sounds really interesting and exactly along the lines I’ve been thinking. The urgency created by hormones does definitely reduce with age (and I am so grateful for that). I do still feel that with real love the soul is involved. Sometimes those soul connections are platonic, sometimes intimate. But it seems that we close down to new experiences as we get older which makes the making of new soul connections a bit more difficult- thus my question. But deep down I do believe wonderful connections can occur at any age.

  2. I plan to be loved and in love until I hit triple digits! 😀 … and I agree with Patrise, that urgency is replaced with something far more sustainable. 🙂

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