Trees – My Constant Enchantment

Life has taken me on a journey away from my studio the past few months due to the need to learn a new skill for earning money.   But I had the luxury of locking myself in my studio for the whole month of January in preparation for an art show I put up at the Rio Grande chapter of the Sierra Club.  I was working hard to finish the largest painting (7’x7′) I have ever done “Our Enchanted Bosque”.

Our Enchanted Bosque painting by Judith Shaw

The Bosque is an amazing wild spot in the heart of a mid-sized metropolitan city.  Almost every major city with a river running through it has turned that riverside property into a commercial zone. Shops and restaurants line the shores of rivers around the world. Whenever I go to the Bosque since moving here in 2000 I say a prayer of gratitude for this wild spot.  I bring my water bottle and a snack while I bike or walk; sit quietly or draw; and feel the power of nature.  My soul opens and the problems of modern every day life recede for a moment.  Almost every other activity in modern life requires consumption.  The Bosque has been consumption free but that might not last.

“Our Enchanted Bosque” took me on a two year journey of pleine air painting, discovery about myself and of what I wanted to express with this painting.  Read about that journey on my post from February for the Feminism and Religion blog- Click here.


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