Arduinna, Celtic Goddess of the Ardennes Forest

I have been absent from my blog for a couple of months due to an extreme work overload.  But that has eased now and I’m back.   During this time I’ve only been able to keep up with my committed publishing dates for the Feminism and Religion blog.   So, I’m backing up a bit here to keep you guys up to date with my work on the Celtic Goddess series.   In February I published my painting and story on Arduinna.Arduinna, Celtic Goddess art by Judith Shaw

Arduinna, Gaulish Goddess of Forests and Hunting is one of the many Celtic Goddesses who is associated with a particular region or body of water.  She was worshipped in the heavily forested regions of the Ardennes, located in what is current day Belgium and Luxembourg with small portions found in France and Germany. She was also associated with the Forest of Arden in England. Her name has its roots in the Gaulish word “arduo” meaning “height”.

Arduinna as a Woodland Goddess represents our wild nature.  With no tame, domesticated castle or demesne to call her own, she ran free in the forests of the Ardennes.  She is the untamed spirit in us all, never tied down by the commitments of love or motherhood.  But being Celtic, she was not chaste.  As a free spirit, she would have enjoyed amorous liaisons when and where she chose.

Read more about Arduinna on my post at FAR.


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