Color and Its Many Characteristics

“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” – Claude Monet.

tree art by judith shaw

Bosque Lights, oil on canvas, 11″x14″, by Judith Shaw

I love that quote by Monet, one of my art heroes. I feel its truth strongly.  I am addicted to color and cannot get enough of it.  Color keeps me returning to my studio to explore its intricacies day in and day out.

So it’s not surprising that I’d want to explore color theory on my website in which I offer folks free projects and advice for exploring their own creativity.

In my first of the series on color theory we look at one of the three dimensions of color, hue.  After exploring the properties of hue, and the primary and secondary colors, I lead a step-by-step creation of a color wheel.

If you have ever wondered about color and its characteristics – hue, value and intensity just head on over to my site and read the whole article.


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