Is Art Erotic?

gustav klimt the kiss

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

“All art is erotic,” is one of the few quotes we have from Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.  Gustav Klimt is most well know for his erotic golden paintings of women.  The Kiss is one of his most famous but there are others that are more erotic, such as Danae.  So, is art erotic?

mark rothko painting

Yellow and Orange by Mark Rothko

That statement “All art is erotic” might be a bit extreme.  After all where are the erotic elements found in the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollack or the mystical color field paintings of Mark Rothko or for that matter the work of the Impressionists or even the masters of the Renaissance?

Looking beneath the subject matter and style of any piece of art one might find truth in Klimt’s statement.  Perhaps it is the act of creating itself which stimulates the erotic in the artist.

What do you think about Klimt’s statement?   Is there truth there?

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