Chlíodhna , Celtic Goddess of Beauty

In the past year and eight months I  have completed 23 Celtic Goddess paintings and stories.  Wow!  I really did not realize what a huge task it would be to create a deck of Goddess Cards.   With a goal of 30 – 35 total, I am nearing completion – only another 10 months or so to go.

I particularly want to thank the folks at the Feminism and Religion blog for giving me the space every month to publish.  Those deadlines have both kept me on track and kept me up late some nights as I finished up the painting or the story.

My latest post at FAR starts like this –

Having spent the past year and a half immersed in the study of Celtic Goddesses, celtic goddess art, pagan goddess artI am intrigued by the sharing of many of their attributes, symbols, and associations – shape-shifting, magical birds, and apple orchards in the Otherworld to name just a few. One other common thread found in so many Celtic Goddesses is the existence of many contradictory folk tales about them.  Their stories, like the otherworldly mists of the Celtic countryside, which materialize suddenly, obscure reality and then melt away again, exist on the frontier of myth and reality.

Chlíodhna (pronounced Kleena), Celtic Goddess of Beauty, the Sea and the Afterlife, is such a Goddess.

Click here to read the rest of Her story.


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