Artio, Celtic Bear Goddess of Wild LIfe and much more

I’ve been working on my series of Celtic Goddess art for about two years now. My goal with this undertaking is to create an oracle deck of cards of Celtic Goddess.  I have 21 completed – so only about 14 to go.

It has been a very exciting and interesting journey as I did not know much about Artio, Celtic Goddessthe Celtic Goddesses when I began.  Though certainly not an authority, I have learned so much and developed a deep connection to some of these Goddesses.

Since the Celts did not write down their myths and beliefs much information has been lost about many of their goddesses.

Artio, Celtic Goddess of Wild Life, Transformation, and Abundance, is one of the more obscure goddesses in the Celtic pantheon.  She is often shown with baskets of plenty and surrounded by animals.  Artio is frequently depicted as a bear. Her name comes from the old Celtic word for bear, arth(e), which the Roman’s Latinized to Artos.

Discover Artio’s connection to the skies, to abundance, to wild life, to shamanism and to King Arthur (in the comments section) in my essay on Artio in my recent blog post over at the Feminism and Religion blog.  

If you know of a particular Celtic Goddess who you would like to see in the deck of cards please let me know.


2 responses to “Artio, Celtic Bear Goddess of Wild LIfe and much more

  1. Not sure what goddess you have been working with but looking forward to your feelings and writings on Brigid. Thank you for your offerings and sharing with us~

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