Mary Magdalene – Priestess of Christ

I was invited to enter a piece to be judged for a show at Brigid’s Place in Houston, TX.  The invitation was to artists who would like to create a new vision of Mary Magdalene. The show, to take place this July, is entitled Re-IMAGE-Ing Mary Magdalene.

Though I did not know much about Mary Magdalene, I have been interested in her part in the life of Jesus and in the legends surrounding her.  So, I decided to take on the challenge and to write an essay about her for my monthly post on the Feminism and Religion blog site.  It begins like this:

Who was Mary Magdalene? The first thought of many today is that Mary Magdalene was a repentant prostitute. But was she? Until the third century, Mary was considered an “apostle.”

Mary Magdalene, painting by Judith Shaw

Mary as an apostle posed a threat to the early Church patriarchs who denied women all authority in the Church. In addition, by early in the first century C.E., Mary Magdalene had become associated with Christian thought identified as heretical by the Church. The easiest way to eliminate Mary’s importance was to cast aspersions on her moral character.

Click here to read the rest of the essay which includes some of the legends surrounding Mary Magdalene.


2 responses to “Mary Magdalene – Priestess of Christ

  1. I wonder if you are familiar with Raquel Z. Rivera & Ojos de Sofia’s Magdalena songs. Rivera spends part of her time in Albuquerque:

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