A New Democracy for Artists

It is really amazing how much the internet has changed so many of our institutions and ways of doing business.  For artists of all types it has opened up a world of freedom from the dealers and producers; the gatekeepers at the world of art.  From sites like Etsy to CD Baby to Lulu, options exist for artists to create and promote their own work.

Night Poppies, painting by Judith SHaw

Night Poppies, oil on canvas 14″x11″

I personally have not had much success in the traditional art world of galleries, museums, etc.  But since I decided to become my own dealer and promote my work online, people from all over the world discover my work and contact me with comments, and/or inquiries about purchasing. Invariably when I am feeling somewhat despondent about the difficulties of getting my work out into the world an amazing comment arrives in my inbox about how my work has touched someone.  These events always leave me feeling humble and grateful that spirit continues to speak through me with images of connection and oneness.

Recently I was contacted by a blogger from India who wanted to interview me for his blog.  We were going to do a Skype chat but the time difference made that a little hard.  So he sent me his list of questions which I answered and sent back.  Here’s a link to that interview.     Enjoy!





2 responses to “A New Democracy for Artists

  1. Agree……marketing art is so touch much less selling it! If only they taught it in school… …Personally I love your unique style and stories and been following your blog for several yrs……

  2. Yeah Clara, and speaking of schools it is amazing how basic art skills are barely even taught, much less any business courses or skill sets in marketing and selling. I’ve been reading some books on the medieval art system – not much freedom of expression (and particularly bad if one is a woman) but lots of skills taught and learned.
    Thanks for following my work. Hope yours is going well.

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