Art, Nature and Spirit

Danu, Celtic Mother Earth Goddess, painting by Judith ShawThe beauty and the power of the Earth are all around us.  Even in the poorest and most blighted urban environments trees, hollyhocks, sunflowers and other sturdy plants grow up through the concrete.  We are children of the Earth, of the Goddess, who in Her many forms, is the manifest symbol of the sacred Earth.

Most of us love the space we find ourselves in when spending time with nature –  hiking, walking, camping, birdwatching, swimming in the sea, riding a bike, working in our gardens – all activities that help us feel connected to this Earth we walk upon; that help us find an inner peaceful place.

Sonoma Trees, drawing by Judith ShawAs a child growing up in New Orleans I remember vividly my desire to lie on the grass under the majestic oak trees of City Park, longing to merge with the land.  Now an adult and an artist, I have found that pleine-aire painting and drawing allow that feeling of merging to occur, bringing me to an inner space of connectivity with the land which in turn creates a connection to spirit and the cosmic source.

To read more about my experience with art as a vehicle to a deeper connection to nature and spirit read my latest blog post on the Feminism and Religion site. Click here.


One response to “Art, Nature and Spirit

  1. Stunning post and tribute to the Moon (Aka Selene in Greek Mythology!). ⭐ Sending you all my best wishes!. Aquileana 😀

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