Spring Equinox – Life Renews Again

Starseed, painting by Judith ShawToday marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a day of perfect balance – the hours of light and the hours of dark are equal.  Cultures all around the world celebrate new beginnings and new life on or around this day.  This is a time when the human family can renew our faith in the promise of rebirth; in whatever way we choose to honor life.

Poppies, painting by Judith Shaw

Watching spring blossom all around, I am reminded that we are all connected in this web of life.  The darkness of winter brought nutrients to the soil as last year’s life decomposed, nourishing the seeds and bulbs that lay waiting in the darkness of Mother Earth.   The early flowers are in bloom, opening their sweet faces to the glory of the sun. The seeds I planted a few weeks ago emerge from the earth, with the promise of fresh salads and tasty greens to come.  And baby lambs are born at this time.

Molivos Before, painting by Judith Shaw

Life Awakens, painting by Judith ShawThough our planet faces a multitude of difficulties, the yearly arrival of spring lends a sense of hope in our ability to create a balanced, harmonious world.  May we each take a moment today to be grateful for what we have and to reflect on what we can do to manifest a more harmonious earth.

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