Etain, The Shining One

Etain, Celtic Goddess, painting by Judith ShawMy recent blog post on Etain, Celtic Goddess, on the Feminism and Religion blog site generated much lively discussion about why and if Goddesses who have been changed by the patriarchal world view should still be considered.

Etain (pronounce Ay-deen), a Celtic Goddess called “Shining One”, was originally a Sun Goddess before becoming a Moon Goddess and one of the White Ladies of the Fae.  Her story, which lasts over one thousand years, reveals Her place as a Goddess of Love, Transformation and Rebirth.  Elements sacred to Etain are the sun, dawn, the sea, rain, water, butterflies, apple blossoms, and swans. She is associated with healing and the transmigration of souls.

Etain shows us that we can overcome even life’s most difficult circumstances. She teaches us that though beauty, wealth and position might fade away we can regain our shining light. She lights our way on the path of transformation, guiding us toward balance, wholeness and rebirth.

To read about Her story and various responses to this post visit FAR – click here. Look for a follow up post that explores my feelings about these Goddesses on a deeper level.


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