Immersed in Celtic Myth.

Arianrhod, Silver Wheel, painting by Judith ShawPast, present, future merge into one whole, as I wonder through the pages of The Mabinogeon, immersed in Celtic myth.  Walking the ancient ways, I drop through a time warp and the ever accelerating speed of modern life, full of gadgets and techno connections, recedes before the bright light, sparkling round me of Goddesses, Gods and warriors.

Arianrhod,  Welsh Star Goddess of Reincarnation, is  a primal figure of feminine power, a Celestial Mother Goddess.

Arianrhod, the most powerful child of the great Mother Goddess, Don, was very beautiful, with extremely pale skin.  She was a virgin goddess in the ancient meaning of the word virgin – a woman who is complete unto herself; a woman who needs no protection from a man.   She enjoyed herself sexually, with a distinct preference for mermen.

Arianrhod also rules arts, magic, and manifestation. As the Goddess of the Silver Wheel she is associated with spinning and weaving.  With Her wheel she magically weaves the tapestry of life.

To read more about Arianrhod’s story and Her wisdom visit my recent post on the blog, Feminism and Religion. Click here.


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