The Power of Intention Revealed

Inanna in Her Garden, painting by Judith Shaw

Inanna in Her Garden, oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″

Once again I am amazed by the truth of how our emotions together with our thoughts create our realities.  This truth was revealed last weekend while participating in an art market with the Santa Fe Artists Market.  Since it’s still winter and no one really wants to set up and display their work outside in the cold, SFAM had organized an indoor market for us: a two day show held in the Hilton Santa Fe.

But Mother Nature decided to remind us that the climate is changing.  She delivered a beautiful, sunny warm weekend.  Our visitor traffic was slow on Saturday and almost non-existent on Sunday, as locals and tourists were outside enjoying the day instead of seeking shelter from the cold by wandering in and out of shops and artists markets.

Many of us were doing pretty badly in terms of sales.  By 3pm on Sunday I and many others had basically covered costs; some not even that much.  There was not even one visitor in the room looking at work as I and two other artist colleagues sat together, talking about energy and the importance of keeping positive.  We made comments like, “We might not be doing well this weekend but we are putting out our intentions and it will come back to us at another time – maybe next week”.  Or “It’s important to remain positive and trust in the universe to provide”.  Then we went on to share methods we use for keeping a positive outlook, even in the face of adversity.

As we continued talking in this vein, a woman walked into the room and made a straight line for my booth.  I went over to engage with her, not really expecting anything much to happen.  She began asking me about one of my small paintings.  The painting, Inanna in Her Garden, is one of my many pieces on the Sumerian goddess, Inanna.  I told her a bit about Inanna’s story and the painting.  Without further ado, she said “I’ll take it.”.   You can imagine my surprise at this turn of events.

The ripple effect of that energy change spread out to others.  Within 10 or 15 minutes other artists in the room made sales. Perhaps when the day arrives that I move from surprise about the power of intention to complete trust, my life will flow more smoothly.

7 responses to “The Power of Intention Revealed

  1. Hello from Winnipeg, Canada (where it’s REALLY cold! :). I just started following your blog because I loved the images, and because I’m working on putting together a show about “the sacred feminine” at some point in the near-ish future and working it through in my blog, gathering thoughts from different places. Anyway, I really appreciated your entry today. It’s hard to trust that process sometimes, waiting for The Thing to materialize. The hope around the next corner keeps us going. Thanks!

    • So true Margerit – to truly have faith that “what is not yet will in fact be reality” is hard. How fantastic that you are working with the divine feminine. You might like to check out the Feminism and Religion blog also. I post there as do lots of other fantastic writers. You’ll find a lot of discussion about the divine feminine there.

  2. Your post came at a time when I need to be reminded of the power of our energy. After a serious car accident, I have been questioning pretty much everything in my life. I opened up your blog today, and found a smile and a reality check. Thank you so much for your honesty and beauty.

    • Sassy, Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us here. I hope you healing continues well. After we’ve gotten to the other side of a personal crisis we can usually look back and see how it helped us to move in a new direction. But when we are smack in the middle of it, it’s often hard to see the good. I am so grateful if my words here helped you in this time.

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing more about intention – its revelation.
    I am definitely reminded to trust the universe – it is far too easy to slip back into old habits of merely trying to steer our lives using our intellect.

    • Hi Ellah,
      I would add a little caveate to this post in that now I feel that intention/ manifestation, etc does not always bring us what we want. I believe that the universe is much more mysterious than I can understand. What I want, intend, manifest is not necessarily what the world wants to offer me.

      Also I went to your blog and wanted to leave a comment but did not find an option for that. Has wordpress changed and I don’t know the interface or did you disable comments on your own blog?

      Thanks so much for reading. Sorry about my delay in responding but the past few days have been crazy overload days in my life.

  4. Thanks for trying my blog. Yes, I have been getting very few comments. My techno lack of knowledge is standing in my way still. Am really pretty befuddled by it all. But I keep writing anyway, in hope that it is better than keeping the work just on bits of paper. I would love to know your comment. I will try to see why you couldn’t comment.

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