The Interplay of Dark and Light

New Mexico cactus with blue skyThe sun was shining brightly, lighting winter blooms and golden grasses, as I walked in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains which border the east side of Albuquerque.

It was the time of quietness between Christmas and New Year.  The New Mexico land shone like a jewel and I relished the warmth and beauty provided by the sun.  But as I looked closer I saw the shadows.

mtns rock72It’s these shadows that define the beauty of the land, that allow me to see the bright jewels of cactus, rocks, trees and grass.  The darkness defines the light.

In this physical world of duality, it’s the interplay of the dark and the light which allow our eyes to see. As a single candle lights up the dark, a small shadow defines the light.  Our task is to find and maintain the balance of the two.

New Mexico foothils drawing by Judith Shaw

Sandia Foothills, east side of Albuquerque, prismacolor and oil pastel on paper


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