Earth Whisperer

I am not a warrior.  I am not a merchant.  I am not a bureaucrat.

I am an Earth Whisperer.  I listen as She whispers to me.   She sends visions of her utter beauty, Her light and her dark.  I whisper my love to Her with the manifestation of the visions she sends me.

I’ve seen Her in  woman.
I’ve seen Her in man.
I’ve seen Her in lotus
I’ve seen Her in tree, in deer, in horse.
I’ve seen Her in bee, in bird, in butterfly.

But she now ravages back at our human hubris.  She has been paved, pruned, ravaged and raped and She will take it no longer.  She speaks loudly.  Can you hear?

We are Earth’s Children.  We come from her dark womb, born of her union with Father Sky as stardust fell on Her body.  At the end of our days our bodies return to Her.  From dust we come and to dust we return.

For many centuries our Mother Earth has been forgotten, forsaken, seen only as a source from which we take and take. Now the time has come in which we, as a species, must recognize our part in the Mother’s web of life.  We have exhausted Her resources. There is no place left to go –  no new world, no promised land. We are face to face with the transformation, the birth, out of duality into oneness.  Can you hear Her call to live in harmony with Her rhythms, with each other, with ourselves?


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