Crowdfunding – People Power Funds Projects

Crowdfunding is the latest craze to hit the internet.  Some of you might wonder what that is.  Crowd funding is simply getting a crowd to help raise money for a cause, a project, or a campaign.

In the past, the main option for funding a project was through a bank loan, for which many couldn’t qualify. But now there are a number of crowdfunding internet sites which allow everyone the opportunity to raise money.

Slava Rubin, co-founder and CEO of, a global crowd funding site founded in 2008, points out that the Statue of Liberty was, essentially, a 19th century crowd funding project led by Joseph Pulitzer.  In 1884, Joseph Pulitzer ran a newspaper campaign to raise money for the base of the statue and enlisted more than 120,000 individuals to contribute on average $0.83. Americans stepped up to the challenge then, and are now stepping up to solve the problem facing new projects during this  economic downturn. The 60’s slogan, “Power to the People” comes to mind.

cali shaw new album winter bloom

Cali Shaw, pre-release sale of debut album, Winter Bloom

Indiegogo has all kinds of projects seeking funding.  From creative projects such as musicians looking to raise money for a new album , to causes like bringing solar technology to villages in Africa, to entrepreneurial campaigns such as development of a hangover prevention drink; Indiegogo has much to offer.

You’ll find my project , Judith’s Mobile Art Show Hits the Road, on Indiegogo. I’m seeking your support to take my mobile art show to the next level.  I’ve been a painter my whole life, in and out of galleries, and always improving my work.

Judith Shaw, Corrales Art in the ParkLast year I decided to take control of the marketing of my work. I made the commitment to selling my art at outdoor markets.  It went pretty well.  I learned a lot about selling my work and new, more affordable types of art products I could offer.  I also learned that I needed to do a lot more art fairs in different locations.

judith shaw sells at art markets

Uptown Growers Market, 2011

But as with all businesses, there are many up-front costs involved with participating in the art market scene.  From jury fees, to artists association fees, to business licenses for each town, to booth fees, to gas, to food and lodging – it mounts up quickly.  With my campaign I’m hoping to help cover some of these upfront costs involved with doing the art markets.

mayan glyph - painted by Judith Shaw

Miniature - Mayan Glyph, Maize

I’ve been working hard all year on lots of smaller, more affordable pieces.  I have miniatures (3” x 3”), small oils (8”x 10”, 11” x 14”), handpainted boxes, and of course greeting cards, prints, giclee prints and a journal with small reproductions of my work and lots of blank space for your journaling.

thru a mayan portal, painting by judith shawOur Lady of Heaven & Earth, painting by Judith ShawAs a supporter of my campaign you receive a wide variety of perks in the form of my art and reproductions of my art.  Support starts at a mere $10.  I hope you’ll take the time to check out my project and please pass it on to anyone who you think might be interested. Just click here.


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