The Power of Intention – Will We Choose Darkness or Light?

Reading  Noam Chomsky’s recent article in the Nation of Change is very sobering – a hard look at the ugly reality of power, oppression, and the extreme violence of the last half century.  Yes, this energy has been with us for a long time and yes, it still lives in the dark recesses of our heart.  The question yet remains to be answered – will we collectively as a species transform our consciousness from one which is materially based into one which is spiritually based?  Will we take control of our own consciousness or will we continue to allow the fear mongers to rule our world?

My Heart Opens by Judith ShawA time of  transformation is here, like it or not.  Forces which are far beyond our understanding are at work.  But will we go gently with the change, being part of creating this new reality or will these forces whip us along through global climate change destruction, economic disaster and war?  This path we as a species have been on for the past 5000 years can only end badly.  The Industrial Age which morphed into the Technical Age, has taken us all further and further away from our connection to the Earth, who provides all.

Solstice Tree by Judith ShawThe material world is a beautiful, awesome adventure in which spirit manifests to experience and to grow.  But somewhere in time we became disconnected from our spiritual source, focusing more and more on materialism and a mechanistic world view.  And through this disconnect we as a species moved deeper and deeper into violence and oppression, forgetting that we are inherently connected to the Earth on which and through which we live.

seeds in the seed of life by judith shawAnd now modern science has arrived at the same conclusion ancient wisdom traditions arrived at millenia ago –  that there is an aspect of ourselves which exists outside of space/time – that through this aspect we are all connected.

The ability to focus intention opens us to this non-local aspect of ourselves.

Max Plunk, father of quantum physics said “ I regard consciousness as a fundamental.  I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”

seed becomes rose by judith shawWe now find ourselves in a perfect storm of transition with the difficult effects of climate change, economic collapse and dislocation, shifting economic/military dominance, and changing demographics to name just a few.  Chomsky’s analysis of our time is dark, disturbing and certainly full of truth.  It would appear that our only hope lies in consciousness and our ability to shift our focus of intention, to rest our consciousness on the truth that all life is connected, that all consciousness is interlinked and interdependent. With this focus we can take action, finding new ways and new solutions to our problems; with this focus we can create a new world which, with love, honors all life.


6 responses to “The Power of Intention – Will We Choose Darkness or Light?

  1. Solstice Tree is gorgeous, thanks, Judith

  2. Thanks John, hope all is well with you guys.

  3. You are inspiring me to get back to writing! The ‘Shift of Consciousness’ has been central to my work so far:
    The need for Compassion to become the central, bedrock value. That is my own emphasis. The ‘Intention’ to keep compassion, above all else, in our lives.
    My writing has been, so far, concluding that the human species is not up to the job, and that human extinction is the only solution.
    Now I have begun to find writings such as yours online, I begin to see possibilities other than that dark scenario.

    • Ellah, I’m so happy to hear that you are inspired to get back to your own writing. I know those dark feelings very well – only compassion and love can bring us as a collective to a different place. As an artist I have to forgive myself for not being an activist – working with energy instead. The world needs to hear your voice.

  4. Bless you Judith, for your encouraging words…..and…..activism is is various forms….including doing exactly what you are doing right now, and your writing and paintings. And ‘working with energies’ is pure activism, in my opinion.

  5. Ellah, Thanks for reminding me of that. Sometimes I get the urge to sell everything, be a couch surfer and get involved with activist work. But then I remember how much I need to paint and write….

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