Merida, Mexico – Hidden Jewels

street in valladolid mexicoMy time in Mexico is drawing to an end.  I’ve only got a few days left here and I’m feeling a combination of ready to go and sad to leave.

I’m ready to be with friends and family, to have a long hot bath, to sleep in my own bed, to work in my studio, to walk in the mountains, to eat green chile, to see the sunset reflected pink on the Sandias, and to gaze into the deep, cerulean blue skies of New Mexico.

a market vendor in merida, mexico

I’m sad to leave behind the friends I’ve made here, the warmth of the people and the sun, the world of unbelievably vibrant colors, the smell of tacos in the street, the taste of mole, the beautiful courtyards  buildings, arches, and churches of Colonial Yucatan, the trees, the ever present

Virgin Mary, Nuestra Senora de la Yucatan in Merida's main cathedral.mother Goddess in the form of the Virgin, the many, many inspirations from the mystery of Merida, the soft sound of the mayan words and the call of the ancestors.

I planted myself in Merida, just scratching the surface of this enigmatic city.  Everything is hidden here, revealed slowly.

Walk down a street many times and finally one day you’ll discover a jewel that’s was there all along –

mayan chocolatea chocolate cafe with a beautiful patio and delicious hot chocolate, an artisans market with a restaurant at the back who serves the best mole enchiladas – rich and chocolaty.

Did I mention that I love chocolate. The history of chocolate begins in Mesoamerica, with evidence of cacao beverages dating back to 1900 BCE. Our modern word comes from the Mayan word Xocoatl.

Check back over the next few weeks as I slowly, slowly incorporate and express my experiences here in the Yucatan, the world of the Maya.  Mexico, a mystery never completely revealed, is full of irony and contrasts.  I know I’ll return again and again.

bouganvilla blooms in mexicoa laurel tree in merida  mexico


5 responses to “Merida, Mexico – Hidden Jewels

  1. wonderful post, Judith. I’m glad you enjoyed your experiences.

    • Hi John, Had a great day with Roger, Ismael and Rosy yesterday. They took us to a cenote in a nearby village which we had all to ourselves. Roger and I swam. Stay warm!

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  3. Great post. I visited Merida, ~ 2008 and enjoyed it very much. Did you happen to get to La Flor de Santiago café? Wonderful and with a 1920s vintage. Alas, I believe it has closed…

    • Hi BC, Yeah, Merida is quite a place. Not sure if I got to Flor de Santiago Cafe or not but I don’t remember one with a 1920’s vintage style. Sorry I missed your book reading. Hope it went well.

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