Winter Solstice with Mayan Spirits

dzibichaltun, ancient mayan siteYucatan, Land of the Maya, where the spirits are strong.  Wandering thru the Mayan ruins and the Spanish cities built atop and of Mayan ancient cities, I hear their voices whispering, whispering – undecipherable and deep; calling for balance, calling for an opening to the unknown mysteries of spirit.

Mayan site, temple of the dollsWinter Solstice, I walked the roads of  Dzibilchatun, an ancient Mayan site near the Gulf, occupied from 300BC to the Conquest.  The Temple of the Dolls, greats the dawn sun on each equinox, allowing His magnificence to shine thru Her central doors.

drawing of Mayan temple by Judith ShawMexico mystique, Mayan mysteries, are foreign to my bloodline. And yet this new dawn brings the realization to the world that we are one Human Race, all connected.  A thread runs through all the creatures of the Sea and the Earth to the rocks, the trees, the plants, to the stars and beyond to the great unknown.

cenote water lily at dzibilchatuntree grows thru ancient stones by Judith Shawtree at dzibilchatuntrees among mayan ancestors homesI – quiet amongst the trees growing out of the stones, the bones of the ancestors homes; breathing in the holiness of leaves and grass.

The last of my mother’s living sisters died on this Winter Solstice.  Bush, mother of Helen and Trudy and Lynne, chose a day of power for her departure.

3 pilars at dzibilchatunTreading the path of the ancient Mayans has opened my heart to my own departed loved ones.  Margaret, mother of Anne and Susan and Judith, long gone from this world, whispers to me in these days. Remembrance stays the hand of death.

On this day of the Winter Solstice the sun stands still in its yearly turning back to the light, bringing a renewal, an awakening, a quickening of my soul.

ancient mayan temple by Judith Shawroad thru trees at mayan site

one pilar of DizibilchatunTo see more photos and read more on Dzibilchatun visit my post on hubpages.


4 responses to “Winter Solstice with Mayan Spirits

  1. beautiful, Judith, nice post. I loved that place DZ – can’t say it but I remember it well, hope you went in the water

    • Hi John, It took me 3 weeks to more or less be able to pronounce Dzibilchatun. By 2pm I thought was going to explode from the heat so was very grateful for the cenote and its cooling water!!

  2. Beautiful!

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