Talking to My Angels

art for adults with developmental disabilities

"Jim the Lion" by Laura from my class for adults with developmental disabilities

Following my heart with Art, Art, Art  has kept me so very busy this past month and a half that I haven’t had a second to give to my blog.  Finally a moment to breathe and to reflect has arrived.

Deciding to Follow My Heart was definitely the right decision.   Students continue to trickle in for my small group painting and drawing workshops, my classes with the Seniors continue and my program at BMSI teaching art to people with developmental disabilities continues to grow.  In addition I’m showing at a couple of Art Fairs and Grower’s Market with great response and sales, and the icing on the cake – some strong possibilities for showing in galleries.

joan of arc hears her angels

"Jeanne d'Arc Hears Her Angels" from my series on Joan of Arc

A very interesting thing happened in the middle of June which further confirms the truth that the Universe Provides if one truly believes and follows their heart.  I heard a program on the radio with Doreen Virtue  speaking about the power of angels on the earth plane.  Before hearing Doreen speak I wasn’t sure if I really believed in angels or not.  I mean, “yeah guardian angels and all that but really… angels are there to help me…..really?”  Surely angels only help other people.

After hearing Doreen’s world view, I for the first time understood the truth of angels and how they contribute to our well-being.

According to Doreen “Angels are part of our physiological makeup – every person has guardian angels around them “in the same way that every person has lungs or a heart,” she said. “It’s something that’s part of our life force here on Earth”, she continued, adding that “angels are not spirits of the deceased, but ego-less beings aligned with the highest purpose.”  She spoke of many cases of angelic intervention, but stressed that our Angels only help us if we ask.

Asking for help, now that’s a concept in direct conflict with my old core belief and the quintessential American understanding that I, a separate individual, must do everything on my own.  But my spiritual belief is and has been for a long time that We’re All Connected, like small drops of water who also are the Sea.  Over the past few months old limiting beliefs created by my separate ego are finally being dissolved by my spiritual beliefs which continue to grow stronger and stronger.

By the end of the program with Doreen Virtue I felt strongly the presence of my angels.  So I started asking for their help.  My bank account was very low and I really had no idea where more money would come from.  My participation in the Corrales Art in the Park was scheduled for the upcoming Sunday of that week.  I never know what kind of sales I’ll make at an event like that and it’s never been more than a few hundred dollars.  Though I’m grateful for whatever money comes my way I knew that I needed more than a couple hundred bucks to be able to meet my July bills.

the olive tree

"The Olive Tree" oil on canvas 40" x 30"

So I asked my angels to please send the right people to my booth who would resonate with and purchase one of my large paintings at the art fair.  Today I am still thanking my angels for delivering on that request.  A nice couple appeared, loved my painting, The Olive Tree, and bought it.  Maybe my angels would like me to do a painting of them in further gratitude.  What do you think?

If you have something you’re struggling with in your life, take a moment to quiet your mind and ask your angels for help.  Apparently these higher dimensional beings really love us and are always here for us.  Could it be that the spiritual advancement of human beings is part of the higher purpose?

And by the way I don’t really think money is the Angels’ main concern – they just wanted to get my attention.  Click here to visit Doreen’s website and learn more about her work with the angels.


3 responses to “Talking to My Angels

  1. Margaret Mc Kenna

    I believe in my Angels too , I love your work its terrific.

    Do Do

    • Hi Margaret, Great to hear from fellow angel whisperers. This time when the sun stands almost still is a powerful time for talking to our angels I believe.
      Happy New Year!

  2. Margaret Mc Kenna

    Your work is terrific and I believe the angels do help all one has to do is ask for their help

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