We’re All Connected

Today is Tuesday May 17 and at this moment my art project is 33% funded with  only 33 hours left to reach my goal.  I’m still expecting a miracle but am willing to accept that miracle in whatever form it arrives.

I have three small paintings finished on Seed.  I decided to use the Seed of Life as the underlying sacred geometry for the element of seed – I guess that’s a no-brainer of a choice.

I’ll get started on the large Seed painting this week.

I think the large one will go in a more abstract direction like this small one.

I’m getting ahead of myself though w/visions of a painting of a tree and a person and a bird, energy swirling around them all – We’re All Connected.

Be part of my miracle – visit my project page here –   With only 102 more supporters at the level of $25 I’ll reach my goal;  or 2 at the level of $1500 does it too.


One response to “We’re All Connected

  1. Hi there. Writing from Carnation WA as we prepare for our 4th Annual Snoqualmie Valley Seed Exchange. We are trying to get a flyer and website up and while looking for images came across your beautiful sprouting seed drawing. We would be happy to credit you and on our website link to your site in exchange for the use of your image.
    Thanks for your consideration..
    Margaret Hindle
    ps site is still under construction.

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