Our World – A Web of Interconnection

painting seed pod

The first of the small paintings

Our World – A Web of Interconnection, is a body of work in progress which explores the union of science and spirituality, rendering visible our world as a dynamic web of interconnection.

The past few weeks I’ve been working hard to put this project on Kickstarter.  It’s been a fun and sometimes exhausting journey getting everything ready – the video, the description, the rewards, the promotional materials.

The kickstarter idea is not about donations.  It’s a commerce and patronage platform which allows people to support projects they believe in for as little as $1 on up.  On my project page you’ll see the different levels of support and the rewards attached to each level.

web of interconnectionThrough an embedding of sacred geometry patterns within visual elements of the plant kingdom: root, stem, branch, leaf, flower, tree, fruit, seed – and visual elements of the animal kingdom: human, horse, bird, deer, fish, dog – My project expresses this intersection of spiritual and scientific thought.

sketch - seed sproutingI’m still working on Seed at the same time I’m planting seeds for my garden. Seeing the magic of seeds sprouting through the earth inspires the work in progress.

sketch - sunflower seed sprouting

I’m really excited about this project.  It started when I discovered, Creative Capital, who offers grants to individual artists. Though the competition is fierce (1500 applicants, 23 recipients) I decided to go for it.  Through that process I really focused on what my work is about and how to take it to the next level.  Then once I got that off, I decided to explore the kickstarter concept as a way to get the first part of this project done.  (I’ll find out in June if I make it to the next round for the Creative Capital grant).

I hope you’ll visit my project page and consider supporting this project.

Avocado seed & flower of life


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