Seeds and the Seed of Life

Apple Seed in Vesica Piscis, pencil

I’m beginning a new project.  It’s a big vision which brings all of the elements I’ve been exploring during my artistic life into one cohesive whole.

The vision: our world in unbroken wholeness. This project uses sacred geometry patterns, as symbol for the quantum field, embedded with visual symbols of life; the flora and fauna. The form – an exhibit of paintings, tied together with mixed media image poems, all suggesting an interconnection of body, mind and spirit.

Apple Seeds/hexagon/seeds of life, pencil

Quantum field theory speculates that an individual entity is transient and insubstantial; particles cannot be separated from the empty space around them.  Mystics have experienced the universe as a dynamic web of interconnection since ancient times.  My project peers into this ineffable web of interconnection inherent in the universe.  Using symbolic language, I strive to show the uniqueness of each separate being, who yet remains part of, within, and connected to the whole.

My first area of exploration is the Seed as the beginning point of the emergence of life.  Seems like a good place to begin as I’ve been fascinated with sacred geometry’s Seed of Life for many years.

Seed Pod in Vesica Piscis, watercolor

So I’m just getting started with preliminary sketches.   I’ve actually never approached my work like this before.  I usually just jump right into painting, letting the inspiration of the moment guide me.  I’m excited about trying out a new method of developing my ideas.

Seed Cluster, pencil

The final form of this project is as an exhibit, consisting of 12 paintings tied together by 12 mixed media image poems.  I’ll keep you posted on this journey.


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