After the Storm- Aligning With My Life Purpose

It seems that the astrological configurations in the sky this early winter help us to come into alignment with our life purpose.  They call for a release from obsolete attitudes and situations which are no longer working for the highest good.  They speak to the need to accept ourselves and finally become who we truly are.  The upcoming solar eclipse adds to the mix and intensifies this need to build a life which is in sync with our sense of purpose and integrity.

I think these aspects were just beginning to peak when I wrote my blog post on Courage and Fear.   Interestingly enough, facing my fears, and deciding to act even though there is fear present, brings me into greater alignment with my true self.  I feel a sense of clarity and calm where before I was like a ship tossing about in a stormy sea.

I’m now able to act in areas which I kept putting off and finding excuses for not doing.

For instance for over a year, I’ve been preparing my portfolio to send out to galleries.  Now really, the portfolio has been ready but I haven’t.  I found many excuses that prevented me from actually putting the portfolio in an envelope and then into the mail.  Like… the economy is so bad no galleries are looking; or I need to finish just one more new painting; or I’ve had so many rejections in the past I’ll only encounter more rejections; and on and on ad nauseam.  So portfolios are now in the mail.  If they are returned with a rejection, then they’ll go out again to a new group of galleries.

And let’s not forget my extreme resistance  to learning about Search Engine Optimization and other technical matters related to my websites.  This resistance has been mixed with a little dash of  “poor me..ism.” After all,  I’d really rather pay someone to do it but I don’t have the money.  But, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve started figuring out things that seemed impossible a month ago.  Plus I’ve decided to bite the bullet and learn html.

Here's a recent journal entry

And the real icing on this cake of “fear busting/aligning with my life purpose” is that visions and images are exploding inside of my head.  The pages of my journal are filling up rapidly.

I guess I should thank the planets for giving me the proverbial kick in the butt.  That kick has propelled me beyond my fears and into action toward being who I truly am.


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