Ten Tips on How to Nurture Your Creativity

Create Your Space
You need a space for your creative work even if it’s only a small space.  In your creative space you can keep the tools you need, whatever they may be.   Make it comfortable and practical.
Take a moment to visual your space.  Make it personal.  Put things that inspire you; quotes, postcards, books, paintings, etc. Write down 5 things you’ll put in your space.

Keep a little notebook with you always.  In this way you can jot down those brilliant ideas which flash through your mind so quickly.  It’s also a good place for inspirational quotes, and observations.  I find some of my best ideas pop into my head when I’m driving.  Be sure to pull over or wait till you’re at a red light before you start writing.

Keep a journal by your bed.  Oftentimes, as we are falling asleep; as we are about to wake up; or as we are dreaming; interesting and beautiful ideas, words and images come to our minds.  Before turning out the light, make notes about what inspired you that day.

Take a moment to write down at least 2 sentences that pop into your mind.  Write the very first words that string together to make two sentence right now.

If some of your creative urges lean toward the visual, then you might like to try sketching what you see when you’re out and about.
If you’re in a cafe you can quickly sketch other people in the cafe.
Or take a walk in nature and sketch something beautiful to which you feel drawn, a rock, a tree, a flower, a leaf.  Start with single objects and build up to a full landscape.

Your Time
You might discover a certain time of day which is your perfect time for creative work.  Claim that time for your creative self and use it to create.  Don’t wait for inspiration.  Show up for creative work at the times you have discovered to be best for you.  Commit to a weekly schedule for your creative work and stick to it, even if it’s only one hour a week.

Remove Distractions
When in your space, in your time, be sure to turn off your phone, let the dog out, let your family know not to disturb you, etc.  The world is always there clamoring for your attention.  This is your time for creative work.

Meditation is wonderful.  I admit I don’t do it as much as I’d like to but when I do it’s wonderful.  In meditation we allow our minds to quiet.  In the quietness visions and images may appear and the creative juices flow most easily.  Personally I find using beautiful music or specifically designed sounds for meditation to be the easiest way to quiet my ever active mind.  Tom Kenyon, one of the most respected sound healers in the world, has created some beautiful music for transformation and healing.

Read books and note the creative ideas they inspire.

Look at books on great artists, photographers, dancers, composers and writers.  Read biographies of creative people.

Pick a topic which interests you.  Research it well.
Write a poem or a short story about your topic.
Create a drawing or painting of your topic.
Sing a song about your topic.

Then try a slightly different way to express yourself on that same topic.

Traveling, getting away from our everyday routine (even if just for a day trip), frees us to see the world from a new perspective.  This freshness, this newness can then stimulate creative ideas.  Be sure to keep your journal full of writings and sketches while traveling.

Remember… Practice Makes Perfect
Keep showing up at your ideal times in your creative space.  Just like anything else in life, the more you practice with your creativity the better you will become.

And last but not least – Have Fun!
Don’t beat yourself up about how you’re not good enough.  Congratulate yourself for showing up as your creative self.   Let go, don’t worry about the outcome or the product, pretend you’re a kid and just Have Fun.

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