Heal the Coast – The Joy of Giving

Nothing like taking action to make one feel better about a bad situation.  I’ve really been concerned about the long-term effects of the the BP Oil Spill on the southeast Louisiana fishing communities. I feel it strongly as I grew up in New Orleans, but was born and spent the first 6 years of my life in the bayous of Plaquemines Parish, 90 miles south of New Orleans. So on Friday, October 15, 2010 I hosted a benefit, Heal the Coast, together with other artists and musicians.

Cali Trio

Cali Trio Performs

We had a silent art auction, music by Cali Trio, Leah Black, and Danny the Harp and we raffled off a piece of art.  It was a great night with fun had by all.

But the best part is that we raised some money to send to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill fund which is managed by the Greater New Orleans Foundation.  This fund is currently being used to support critical services for fishermen whose way of life is seriously threatened.

small lotus

Small Lotus by Judith Shaw

Here’s a piece of mine that sold.

A couple of pieces by Eliza Schmid which speak very well to the issue are still available.

gulf coast benefit



In the coastal parishes of Louisiana most affected by the oil spill, there are over 6,400 licensed commercial fishers, many of whose families have been fishing for generations. Nearly one-third of the nation’s seafood is harvested in Louisiana waters.  There are over 130 marinas and over 400 licensed charter guides in the impacted parishes.

Fishing is the way of life in the coastal communities.  The long lasting environmental damage caused by the oil spill has the potential to wipe out this way of life for many years.  These families need our help as they begin to look at what other options they might have which allows them to stay in the communities they have been part of for generations.

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund awarded their first grant to a center where fishermen can go for business help.  More than 400 clients have accessed the Center’s services because of the oil spill, and additional clients seek support every day. The Greater New Orleans Foundation has granted $50,000 to the center from its Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.

I personally would like to continue giving.  I currently have a huge sale on my artwork through the end of October.  Large paintings are marked down 50% and smaller pieces are marked down from 10% – 20%.  During this sale and through November 15, 2010,  I will pledge 20% from all sales to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.  Please visit my website at http://judithshawart.com.  If there’s something you like, now is the time to consider a purchase.  Together we can make a difference in the lives of  the families of southeast Louisiana.

For more information of the Greater New Orleans Foundation and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund visit their website.



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