My Visit to the Cloisters Museum

During my visit to NYC in June, I accomplished a long held dream of visiting the Cloisters Museum, the branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art of medieval Europe.  I started the day with a brief visit to the Metropolitan Museum on 5th Ave, spending about an hour in the Near East room, whose art I always find so inspiring.  But having learned from a woman at the information desk that the bus ride to the Cloisters can take an hour or more, I didn’t linger long.  The bus did in fact take more than an hour to arrive.  Thus I got the tour by public bus of Harlem, Spanish Harlem and Washington Heights before arriving at Fort Tyron Park, where the Cloisters is located.

What a sight my eyes beheld!  Upon approaching the building I felt myself transported back in time, as The Cloisters was built in a neo-medieval style, thus enabling the curators to incorporate architectural fragments from Medieval Europe into the very fabric of the building itself.

Read more and see some photos at

View a video of art from the first few rooms at


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