Inspired by Trees in New York City

Upper Eastside window displayI’m in New York City and here I’m truly pounding the pavement on the Creativity Beat.  The beautiful is nestled right next to the ugly, the modern rises up between the old.  From the fashionable townhouses and fantastic mansions of the Upper East Side, to the quaint streets of the West Village, to the funky hipsters in the East Village, to the chefs in the many restaurants, to the artists of Chelsea; New York is alive and  pulsing with creativity.  Art is in the streets, art is in the window displays, art is on the building walls, art is in the beautiful nature growing amid all the cement, and of course art is in the galleries and the museums.

west village treesMy friend of many years and I walk through the streets of the West Village with no real agenda.  We are simply enjoying each others company and the excitement of the city.  The Village is awash with green.  Sunlight sparkles on the trees, casting dappled shadows everywhere. Flowers bloom in window boxes, storefronts and street corners.

west village bookstorewest village marketwest village street with treeswest village cafewest village street

Now on my own and resting my wearing feet, I sit in the window of a pub in the East village watching the streetlife.   Across the street a dark tree trunk curves in front of white stucco walls between dark windows creating a stark contrast of black and white.  I sketch it quickly, perhaps its the seed of a painting to come.  Even in New York trees continue to inspire and delight me.


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