The Mother Tree – Influenced by Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

I’ve taken a break from artistic expression the past few days, as I finished the painting, The Mother Tree, whose progress I’ve been posting here over the past month or so.tree of life symbol It always feel like a time for celebration when I finish a painting.   Then, after a few days I get back to work and the process of artistic expression starts all over again.

Another interesting thing I’d like to share about this painting has to do with the way visual influences can get imbedded into my consciousness without my being aware of it.   I suspect this is the same for many others.

Last week, I was preparing for a “Meet the Artist” event ( I was the artist to meet) at the Wooden Cow Gallery here in Albuquerque.  My preparations included gathering together different books and images which have been sources of inspiration over the years.  In doing that, I printed out some photos I took last spring during a very long afternoon spent at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.  As I am always inspired by ancient imagery and mythology, I spent alot time in both the Egyptian rooms and the Near East room.

egyptian pre-dynastic urn Look at this photo I took of an Egyptian urn from 3650 – 3300 B.C..  When I saw this again for the first time in over a year, I couldn’t believe how the form of this ancient tree relates to The Mother Tree painting I just completed.  I always thought it was a little odd that my Mother Tree took the shape she did.  Once again the mysteries of artistic expression unfold on the canvas in color and form.

Does anyone else have interesting stories of art inspiration of their own  to share?


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