The Mother Tree – a painting in progress

Art is an expression of our deepest internal selves.  The more me learn to love ourselves the more we can accept the art that flows out from within.  Some art pieces we create might be better than others, but each one is a small snapshot of what’s going on inside at that time in our lives.

During my struggle with this painting over the past few weeks I went from a fairly obsessive place of just wanting it to be finished to a place of acceptance of where it was.  While I was obsessing, I got into feelings of failure, not being good enough, etc. etc.  I share these feelings because I see many of my students struggle with these same issues as they grow and develop their own personal vision.  I think that when people are first starting to explore creative expression, they might think that artists who have been working for a lifetime don’t experience these kinds of negative feelings. It’s amazing how much energy we can waste with negative self-talk.

So, here are the stages from the past few weeks.

tree of life symbol

tree of life symbol

I think it just needs a few finishing touches now.

tree of life symbol

tree of life symbol


2 responses to “The Mother Tree – a painting in progress

  1. It is inspiring to witness your process with this painting and to see your ability to organically allow the image to unfold. The authentic feelings that emerge seem to add depth and dimension to the expression. Similar to how shadow and light intermingle.

  2. So true Madelyn. We always want to be in the light but the shadows are necessary. I love Matthew Fox’s words “Meister Eckhart observes that ‘the ground of the soul is dark.’ Thus to avoid the darkness is to live superficially, cut off from one’s ground, one’s depth”.
    Seems like many of us are on a path of learning non-resistance and letting go. Thanks for your comments.

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