Conscious Creation – A Painting in Progress

I posted 4 different stages of this painting on January 19.   The painting is starting to form more concretely now and even has a name – Conscious Creation.   Here are the next two stages of this painting.   I think it’s nearing completion.

day 5 of painting

day 6 of painting


2 responses to “Conscious Creation – A Painting in Progress

  1. I am really enjoying seeing the evolution of this painting. Did you start with any particular sketch/idea? Do you work intuitively? Do you do any rituals/meditations before painting?

    • Hi Amanaa, Thanks so much for your thoughtful questions. With this painting I didn’t start with any idea; I just started painting. Sometimes I do start with an idea though. Often times I am inspired by ancient stories and myth, or the way the light plays on the water as I swim, or by a couple of phrases I might read somewhere. I very very rarely work from a sketch but do love to sketch, both outside working realistically and in my studio working more with the process. I would say that I pretty much always work intuitively. The painting speaks to me as I work, telling me what it wants to be. I always have 2, 3 or even 4 paintings in progress at the same time. That way when one painting becomes silent I can move to the next. Or sometimes working on the other painting can open up the next step I need to take in the first painting. Often when the painting is finished, I am really surprised and wonder where in the world it came from. Painting itself is a form of meditation for me. Sometime I do sit quietly either before working or while working but don’t have any hard fast rules about that. Sometimes I like to light a candle in a crystal candle holder I have. I do enjoy rituals though – especially ones that honor our changes and the changing seasons.

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