New Year Intentions

It’s hard to believe that it’s a new year and a new decade!    On one hand it seems like just yesterday we were beginning 2009 and then on the other hand so much has happened that it seems like long ago.  Time is a strange concept for sure.

First I want to send everyone positive intentions for a year full of love, harmony, prosperity and adventure.   We certainly face many challenges right now, but we each can choose how we react to whatever situation we find ourselves in.  May we all find the strength to choose love over fear.

It’s my intention to pay more attention to my blog this year.  In addition to longer reflections on art related topics I plan to post “An Artist’s Musings” – something like an online sketchbook/journal.

Plus I invite you to join me on a painting journey, which for me is a spiritual journey.   As my process almost always becomes a courtship between control and letting go, I’ll share it with you by posting images of paintings in progress.  On this journey you’ll discover that there are no mistakes; that painting, like life, unfolds magically as we open ourselves to the flow of the source.

And so here’s my first of
An Artist’s Musing

The sun shines in my mind’s eye
The ever present pattern of glowing interlocking circles
The Seed of Life becomes
the Flower of Life


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