Why is Creative Expression Important to the Human Soul?

While facilitating a workshop this past weekend, I had a chance to reflect on the importance of the amazing stream of creativity which flows from the human soul.

We were a small group, 2 other women and myself, fluctuating between easy conversation and deep concentration.  The table was full of many jars of different colors of paint, assorted brushes, small palettes and paper.  After about 2.5 hours of painting, someone realized the time and was shocked that the class was almost over.   It seemed as if we’d just started painting, as if no time had passed at all.

The place of no time is one of the greatest gifts of the creative process.  The more we live in the moment (no time) the more connected we are to our authentic selves.  This connection, this living in the moment, leads to a sense of peace and well-being.

Sandi's Painting - she said she felt very, very peaceful by the end of the workshop

Sandi's Painting - she said she felt very, very peaceful by the end of the workshop

Sometimes that flowing in no time gets blocked by small negative voices telling us our art isn’t good enough. This can be difficult or painful but it is important to recognize these voices about your art as the same voices can surface in other areas of your life.  This recognition is the first step in quieting those voices forever.

Creative expression can help us to see the world in a new way.  One can get to a point with a painting or drawing in which you kind of like it but not really. In order to arrive at the jewels of your vision you must look at your artwork differently; you have to let go of what is there.  In a similar fashion, life often calls us to let go of habits and situations which are kind of ok but not really.  Regular creative practice requires a certain kind of courage which can spill over into your daily life allowing you to move from fear to fearlessness.

Getting lost in the flow of creativity can lead to a greater appreciation of the beauty of life which surrounds us.  Since like attracts like, being in the positive consciousness of appreciation attracts positive events into your life.

Creativity is an exploration of our inner selves.  More important than the products we produce are the insights we receive about ourselves.  Creative expression keeps us in touch with our intuition.  The better our intuition is, the easier it is to make correct decisions and move with the flow of life.  The  objects, which are a result of our creative expression, are beautiful by-products of that exploration of our inner selves.

Jose Arguelles, co-founder of Earth Day and author of  “The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology”, calls for a world in which  “Time is Art”.  I don’t know about you but I’m ready to let go of the concept of “Time is Money” in favor of the concept “Time is Art”.

"Spontaneous Seed of Life"  from my series of small daily drawings

"Spontaneous Seed of Life" from my series of small daily drawings



3 responses to “Why is Creative Expression Important to the Human Soul?

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  2. in our every day life of being practical it is so wonderful to experience that part of us that arrives when we do out art. everybody has some form of art inside of them, even if its how they live life or how they conduct their business. Life can be art no matter what we DO. its HOW we do it. 🙂

    • I agree completely that Life can be and is art. We are all creative beings and have many different ways of expressing it

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