The Transformative Power of Art

In his book, The Mission of Art, Alex Grey speaks of the spiritually transformative potential of art.  I feel deeply the truth of this, both in the transformative power of creating art and the transformative power possible through the act of viewing art.

The process of painting keeps me connected to the source, the mystery, the one, from which we come.  And on good days, some how or other magic happens, the images flow, and a painting appears.  Time stops as I exist in the moment and the power of color and form flows through me and out onto the canvas.

I remember the first time I saw Mark Rothko’s work live and in person, so to speak.   It was many years ago at the Whitney Museum in NY.   There was a room dedicated to Rothko’s color field paintings.  I spent a very long time sitting in the room, looking and looking at the paintings.   I felt transformed to a place of peace and harmony.   I felt a deep connection to the source- a feeling beyond words – a feeling which gave me a momentary glimpse into the deep mystery we call life.

Art created from the heart has the power to produce feelings of love, beauty, joy, and harmony. It has the power to heal and to bless us.  It can be a portal to the timeless dimension of  the sacred.

I recently finished this painting, The Seed Becomes the Rose.  My fascination with the Seed of Life pattern continues as it is the seed from which the Flower of Life grows.   The is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all of creation.

Have  you had a transformative experience with art?

The Seed Becomes the Rose


6 responses to “The Transformative Power of Art

  1. Your work is so beautiful. I remember when I studied art history and saw Rothko’s work in tiny pictures in a book and read about how the critic thought they were so spiritual. I said “What?” Then I went to the inaguaral exhibit at MOCA and there live and in person I got to stand in front Rothko’s paintings and I totally got it!

  2. People would always look at be strangely, when I would talk about creating images, because I would always talk about my connection with that source – so much so that, when I was ‘really’ connected, I would have very little recollection of what I created. I would have to wait until the film came back from the lab to know what I had.

    Recently, [oevr the past year] that connection has evolved – into a realm that I never would have imagined and it continues to evolve. Doing my work – living my life, is a constant transformation!

    • I experience the same feelings myself – Our work – our lives, as artists, are intertwined in (as you say) constant transformation. I love hearing of other artists’ experiences with and feelings about their artmaking.

  3. Yes! That’s exactly how it happened for me. I’d seen Rothko’s work in books and in slide presentations in art history . Also I said “So what?”
    Then to see the work!…..oh I got it

  4. I am so glad to have found your blog and art work ~ It is how I feel and have been walking all around it ~ the integration of spirituality and art ~ you express it so well ~ pictorially and prose ~
    I am going to add your blog link to my blog.
    Hugs and namaste,

  5. Good Morning ~ I was glad to have you post a comment on my blog as my feelings are similiar to yours ~ I create because I need to create ~ I find the spiritual is my source & when I listen and pay attention my creativity flows ~ I am still not creating that deep mystical feeling yet ~ i know it will come in time ~ maybe today ~ next week ~ all part of my “one a day” art creating ~ to just “let my spirit out” ~ Have you read Judy Chicago’s book Through the Flower ? May be out of print but am sure a copy is to be had.
    Keep on with your creations ~ Hugs and namaste, Carol (zoe)

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