The Seed of Life

In recent years I have become fascinated with sacred geometry. It all began after I participated in a Feng Shui pilgrimage in China. We visited many amazing sites including lots of Buddhist temples. At the time I was aware of seeing many, many beautiful statues of the Buddha and other enlightened beings. When I returned home this painting, Yellow Flower Mandala burst forth from some mysterious internal place. Upon seeing this painting at an exhibition of my work, a man said to me, “You must study the work of Drunvalo Melchizedik.” I said, “No, who is he?” So he informed me that he has written some amazing books on sacred geometry in particular focusing on the Flower of Life.

Of course I went out and got Melchezedek’s books and others on sacred geometry. It always amazes me how, as artists, we can access images without being aware of their significance. My experiences as an artist continue to fuel my belief that everything is connected and that everything comes from one source.

The pattern shown in this painting is the Seed of Life and is the basic component of the Flower of Life. The Seed of Life is a symbol of creation and is the core of the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life then flows into the Fruit of Life, which is the blueprint of the universe. The Fruit of Life contains every atom, molecule, cell, life form – basically everything in existence. So the Seed of Life is correctly named as it is the first and original shape from which all existence springs forth. This pattern is now making its voice heard in many of my paintings.

Yellow Flower MandalaHave you seen this pattern elsewhere? Does it resonate with you as a primal force in the universe?

Here’s a good website with information on Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life:


6 responses to “The Seed of Life

  1. I love your art been looking for the perfect seed of life to put on my web, can I please use yours.

    Many Blessing

    • Hi Diana, I would like to look at your website to make sure my work would be a good fit before making a decision as to your request. Send me your link and we’ll move forward. Thanks, Judith

    • Hi again, Silly me – I clicked on your name which took me to your website. I love your site and the information you are sharing. I would be happy for you to use the image of my painting in exchange for credit and a link to my website. I feel that the people who visit your site are the same people I am reaching out to with my art. I’m assuming you are interested in using the image which I forgot to give it’s name but talked about the Seed of Life in the writing. That painting is called “Yellow Flower Mandala”. You could email me your contact info privately through my contact form on my website to discuss how to get that image to you for use on your site. I’m so so happy for the way the internet allows us to connect with each other as we work to shine light in the darkness.

  2. Your work is exquisite! Your open process of exploration with the Flower of Life is inviting and moving, and inspiring. I wonder if you would allow me to feature some of your work in the new Environmental Music Film I am putting together that is called, “Flowers of Life – The Human Story.” Let me know. Here is my channel so you can check out my other pieces. My most recent work was a full collaboration with an artists called, Tribal Connection. Blessings.

    • Hi Kristen,
      I would love to talk with you and get more details about your project. I visted your youtube channel – very impressive and beautiful work. Could you please friend me on facebook so we can exchange private messages and perhaps phone numbers to talk in person (what a concept!). link –
      Last night I fell asleep to visions of expanding, moving and glowing flower of life images. Looking forward to talking.

  3. Eso es un toroide.

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