Beat of a Different Drummer

As an artist, I have been drawn to and inspired by the ancient world for all of my life.   Long before written history and the advance of organized hierarchical societies,  humans lived in a magical world in which they viewed themselves as an integral part of nature.  Archeological evidence unearthed by Marija Gimbutas in the area of the Black Sea shows that humans lived  in harmony with their environment and with each other.  It was a time when the Goddess was worshiped as the giver and the taker of life – humans lived within Her heart. Art was created for to celebrate and honor the miracle of life as represented by the Goddess.

Though art in the postmodern period has certainly helped generate a more tolerant attitude to cultural differences, it has been driven by an egocentric and mostly male attitude of self-importance. I feel that we now find ourselves on the brink of a huge shift in consciousness.  As the structure of society begins to crumble around us, artists are being called to move beyond the fractured and nihilistic visions of postmodernism.  Two thousand years ago the messages of love and the indwelling nature of God/Goddess began.  Now,more than ever, artists are exploring the expression of this spiritual vision.   I hope the days of gallery directors and gatekeepers of the artworld telling artists “Your work is beautiful but I can’t move work with spiritual content.” are over.

What’s your opinion?   Are we as a species now more open to messages of beauty, love and unity?

She Moves to the Beat of a Different Drummer

She Moves to the Beat of a Different Drummer


4 responses to “Beat of a Different Drummer

  1. Judith, I love your work, it has an etheral inner light that seems to radiate throughout your paintings.

    2008 was the year of the universal shift in consciousness, a full four years earlier than predicted. I believe the time is now for all the ways-showers to shine! 2009 is the beginning, time to share our visions, our wisdom and our light with each other, with our communities and with the world. Through our dreams and our creations we form the bridge to the Sacred Heart, showing others the path home.

  2. Bobbie, I agree wholeheartedly that the shift has begun. I feel the current economic difficulties, hard as they are, are forcing people to wake up from the illusion of excessive materialism. I’m finally understanding why I’ve been working on the fringes for so long and that those spiritual, heart-centered fringes are becoming the center.

  3. I have always thought I walked to the beat of a different drummer. I’m sure I’m not unique in feeling that way. Another way of putting the same thing is: I see life just a little differently and in my own way from anyone else. I think it follows that no one else really understands me because I do have my own way of walking through life because of the way I think and understand life. BUT, I do feel there is one being who knows how I see things and understands. Call this being what you like. He called himself I AM.

  4. I have just a little more to say on this general subject that can apply and mean many different things to different people.
    When we were working as volunteers at Devils Tower National Monument in the summer of 2007, I had the opportunity to see how Native Americans viewed the Great Spirit and found that many of them had become Christians and felt that there was no conflict between the ancient beliefs and their Christian beliefs

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